Kastriot, founded in 2017, is a high-end fashion brand dedicated to creating timeless

designs. Our unique product style, a blend of classic and modern, separates us from the

crowd. We don’t believe in basic—we will always be one of a kind. Are we tenacious,

rebellious, maybe even revolutionary? The answer is yes.

Before Kastriot came into being, its founder was a photographer. His work brought him

into frequent contact with the fashion industry, and he always felt that the field lacked a

certain something. Kastriot was born from the vision that you should be free to do what

you like. At Kastriot, we celebrate individuality: everything we offer is impressive and


The name Kastriot is inspired by a freedom fighter from the Kastrioti family, a medieval

nobleman who opposed an empire. Strategic and stubborn, his resistance won many

victories despite his small army. In the same revolutionary spirit, Kastriot leads the way

to a new age of fashion with our exclusive, artistic designs.

Do what you like to do and be what you want to be. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s

impossible. Be free, be noble—be a Kastriot!