Kastriot is a high-end footwear brand made from quality
leather being dedicated to creating timeless designs at a fair price.

Our unique product Style, a blend of classic and modern,

separates us from the crowd in basic — we will always aim to be one of a kind.

Are we tenacious, rebellious, maybe even revolutionary? The answer is yes.

Before Kastriot was born, it's founder always dreamed of his own fashion
brand. At the age of 12 he started to drew sketches of clothing and
sneakers, and from the interest of fashion he eventually became a
photographer. His work brought him into closer contact with the fashion
industry, but his dream has never stopped.

Ultimately, the decision was made to start his own brand and to exhibit his

unique recognizable designs to the world
to fill the gap of `something special and affordable` on the market.


At Kastriot, we respect individuality: everything we offer is recognizable and
distinct. It is not just a legend but also a story behind the scenes,

from idea to production.

Starting from scratch with the passion to be free and doing what you love.

With this he want's to share the message that even if you come from nothing,

it does not mean that something is impossible,

with this he want to clarify the brand story line that Impossible is possible with the right mindset. 

Kastriot was born from the vision of freedom and love.

Each client should feel confident and powerful by
wearing this design sneakers and sharing the brand values.


The name Kastriot is inspired by a freedom fighter from the Kastriot family, a
nobleman who opposed an empire. Strategic and stubborn, his
resistance won many
victories despite his small army having the same
mission to make the impossible be possible. In the same revolutionary spirit,
Kastriot leads the way to a new age of fashion through our exclusive, artistic
and catchy designs.


Do what you love and be who you want to be.
Be free, be noble — be a Kastriot!